Microsoft Announces AI Copilot Key on Windows 11 PCs

Microsoft Announces AI Copilot Key on Windows 11 PCs

Microsoft has announced the biggest change to its keyboards in 30 years with the introduction of an artificial intelligence AI copilot key. 

Microsoft introduced a copilot key in Windows 11 PC keyboards. It means users will have access to Copilot’s AI-powered tools with the press of a button. Like the Windows key that brings up the Start menu, the new key will launch the Copilot chatbot in Windows, an AI-powered assistant that works within the operating system and across the Microsoft app ecosystem.

“In this new year, we will be ushering in a significant shift toward a more personal and intelligent computing future where AI will be woven into Windows from the system to the silicon and hardware,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s executive vice president and consumer chief marketing officer. “This will simplify and amplify people’s computing experience, making 2024 the year of the AI PC”. 

Which Laptops and PCs will have the Copilot Key?

The new button will arrive on the first wave of Microsoft’s partners’ Windows 11 laptops and PCs. If you are a PC enthusiast based in Canada, you will get your hands on the new Copilot key in Dell XPS laptops; these laptops will be available at computer stores in Toronto by the end of February.

The Copilot key will be on the right side of the space bar and will replace either the menu key or the right control key on some keyboards.

Microsoft says to expect a wider release in late February through spring, including on upcoming Surface devices. In time, the Copilot button will become a required feature.

For Windows users who don’t have the Copilot button, or those who live in countries where the Copilot button is not available, the New key will bring up Window Search. Users can use the Copilot chatbot by pressing the Window key + C.

What is the Usage of a Copilot Key?

The Copilot key on Windows 11 PC is a useful tool that helps users complete tasks more efficiently and quickly. The key offers you assistance, adapts your usage patterns, and can perform different functions through various applications.

With the push of a convenient keyboard button, Windows 11 users can launch Microsoft’s generative AI tool, which is designed to help you shop for specific items, write a short story, provide authentic information, and plan a trip for you.

Copilot AI key is not only the biggest change to Windows keyboards in almost three decades but is also a new keyboard button that serves as a physical portal to its Copilot service, which helps people perform tasks like summarizing documents, recommending music, and answering questions you might ask a search engine or AI chatbot.

Microsoft’s move is a step toward putting its AI services in front of more than a billion Windows users. The objective of the Copilot key is to provide a personalized computing experience.

AI and Bing Chat Fusion

Copilot for Windows is an AI chatbot that can control Windows system settings. Copilot in Windows also allows the user to use Microsoft’s Bing Chat, powered in part by Microsoft partner and ChatGPT maker OpenAI, providing wide-ranging answers and AI-generated content in response to user prompts. The fusion of AI and Bing Chat, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, further expands the capabilities of Copilot, creating a comprehensive AI ecosystem.

Do AI Copilot Secure Data

Microsoft provides protection to user privacy and data security. The AI Copilot key operated locally on the user’s device to ensure that sensitive information remains private and secure. This approach enhances privacy and security by minimizing the exposure of user data to external networks, providing users with greater control and confidence in the protection of their personal information.

Microsoft Invests $10 Billion in OpenAI, Driving AI Chatbots and Search Revolution

Microsoft is investing $10 billion in OpenAI. Sam Altman, the co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, was removed by his own board in a shocking shakeup, but Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella immediately hired Altman and other important staff members.

Satya Nadella’s immediate action highlights Microsoft’s significant bet on AI chatbots and searches through Copilot, formerly known as Bing Chat, even though Altman has returned to its former position at OpenAI. Over the past year, Microsoft has integrated generative AI into some of its most significant products, such as Windows 11 and the Bing search engine. Large language models are necessary for Copilot, especially Open AI’s GPT-4.


Microsoft’s latest announcement of the AI Copilot key is a big step in the advancement of computer technology. After three decades, this creative and innovative addition to Windows 11 keyboards will provide users with a more customized computing experience.

With the Copilot key, users can easily access AI-powered tools that improve efficiency and simplify tasks, making 2024 the year of the AI PC, as said by Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s executive vice president and consumer chief marketing officer. Stay connected with Infotech Computers for more tech-savvy news.


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