Computer Trade-in Program in Canada

Trade in your used desktop computer and laptop and get a great value for your current device.

The Infotech’s trade-in program is perfect if you want to upgrade your current laptop or computer to a better and latest version. Bring your used laptop, desktop, graphics card or monitors and trade it in for a new one or receive cash/e-transfer for your trade.

Infotech Computers offers the most lucrative laptop trade in Canada. Saving you from the hassle of pondering over the question, “How to trade in a laptop?” Apart from laptop and computer trade-ins, we offer video card trade-ins too. Allowing you to upgrade it if you are not in the mood for a video card repair.

Our skilled technicians follow comprehensive testing protocols to ensure the trade is a win-win situation for both parties. We make sure that every issue or defect is resolved before proceeding with the sale. Our computer trade-in program also offers refurbished computers if you are running a little short on the budget.

Please note we are NOT looking for equipment over $500

Our Trade-in program includes:

  • Computer trade in
  • Laptop trade in
  • Desktop trade in and much more.

Ready to Trade-In? Fill out the form and get a quote for your device.

    Fill out the form, and our representative will contact you within 24 hours.

    Eligibility Criteria

    We pay cash/e-transfer for the following items:

    • 1. Laptops and computers must be 2015 through 2022 manufacturing date:
    • – Intel 6th Generation and newer
    • – AMD Ryzen 5000 Series and newer
    • 2. Graphics Card from NVIDIA or AMD:
    • – NVIDIA 1070 through 4070 series graphics cards
    • – AMD RX 580 through RX 6800 XT series graphics cards
    • 3. Monitors
    • – Working LCD/LED monitors from 17-inch to 27-inch monitors.
    • 4. Other items
    • – Clean accessories (Speakers, Mouse, Keyboards)
    • – Cables (HDMI, VGA, Standard Power Cords, etc.)

    Please note we are NOT looking for equipment over $500

    We do NOT purchase copiers/fax machines, printers, phones, phone accessories, tablets, tablet accessories (including Microsoft Surfaces), and audio equipment.

    Trade-in your computer for an upgrade or some cash.

    How trade-in works

    Check Eligibility

    Review the above-mentioned eligibility criteria to find out if your device qualifies for the Trade-in program

    Get a Quote after Inspection

    Bring your device to our store, and let us inspect the condition. We offer the most rewarding quotations.

    Get a Discount or
    Collect Credit

    Select the item you want to trade to or collect credit for future purchases.

    But First:

    Before bringing your device to the store for the trade-in program, speak with one of our customer representatives, and he will provide you with an estimated quotation for your computer or laptop trade-in. The quotation assumes that the device or the accessory is in working condition and the appearance is also maintained.

    What We Do? - The Second Part

    Once you agree to the quoted trade value, our technician will perform thorough testing. All aspects of the parts must be fully functional, and the unit must be in a resalable condition. If it is a used system, we will run a full diagnostic test on every component, port, and accessory on the computer. If we find a problem with your device, it will impact the trade value.

    Our comprehensive trade-in program is truly a two-way street when it comes to trust. We trust you to give us functional parts that we’ll be able to check out and resell so that we won’t be wasting our time evaluating. On the same token, you trust us to evaluate your trade fairly.

    When the computer or parts have passed all of our tests, and we are sure that it does not require computer repairs, you will be rewarded with a credit note for your future purchase or cash.

    Why Choose Infotech Computers Trade-in Program?

    Our "Green" Aim

    We aim to protect the environment by reusing old but functional electronic parts/systems

    Lucrative Credits

    We offer our customers (both buyers and sellers) financial freedom, by offering them fair and rewarding credit value for their trade-in

    Simple and Easy Process

    The process is as smooth as it can get. You can get an estimated quotation over the phone, saving you from the trouble of bringing your system or parts.

    Large Trade Ins for Companies or Organizations

    Infotech Computers also offers the option to trade in bulk quantities of computers, laptops, and monitors. The program allows companies and organizations to trade in their computers or laptops with a smooth process without worrying about transportation. 

    If you are from a company, education institution, or another public community and the quantity is large enough, we may visit your site first. Once we agree, we can pick up the used computers at a scheduled date/time that’s convenient for you. Simplifying the process of refurbished laptops and desktop trade-ins.

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