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How it Works

Did you know we buy your trade in computers right here in Toronto? Our trade in program is perfect if you are looking for something a little newer or better than what you have now. Bring your old computer in and trade it in towards a new one.

WE PAY CASH for the following computers trade-ins in Toronto:

  • Computers with the following CPU’s:
  • Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7
  • AMD Phenom, FX or Ryzen
  • Computers / Laptops with Windows 7, 8 or 10 License Stickers
  • Working LCD or LED Monitors
  • Clean accessories ( Speakers, Mouse, Keyboards, HDMI Cables, etc. )

Sorry we DO NOT BUY the following:

  • Windows XP or Vista Computers or Laptops or Systems older than licensed Windows 7
  • Broken laptops ( Cracked or broken hinge / screen )
  • CRT monitors ( Glass tube monitors )
  • Printers
  • Copy/fax machines
  • Audio equipment

Infotech Computers is proud to offer a trade-in program to our customers. The goal of this program is to do our part of protecting the environment through reusing old functional electronic parts/systems and provide our customers (both seller and buyer) with some financial relief.

How our computer trade in program works:
We give you the option to sell your item or trade it in for something newer.
Prior to purchasing newer system or parts, you may trade-in your older systems or parts for a credit towards your newer item. This option give you maximum value for your traded item. If you haven?t decided exactly what you’d like to buy, you may also get credit on your account towards a future purchase.

What You Need to Do:
First, contact one of our helpful sales consultants by telephone, or bring in the parts that you’d like to trade in to our store. Our consultants will quickly provide you with a quote on your parts. This quote assumes that everything is in working order and that the computer is in good aesthetic condition as well.

What we do:
Once you agree to the quoted trade value, our technician will perform a thorough testing. All aspects of the parts must be fully functional and the unit must be in resalable condition. If it is a used system, we will run a full diagnostic test on every component, port, and accessory on the computer. If we find a problem, it will impact the trade value.

The trade-in process is truly a two way street when it comes to trust. We trust you to give us functional parts that we’ll be able to check out and resell, so that we won’t be wasting our time by evaluating. On the same token, you trust us to evaluate your trade fairly.
When the computer or parts have passed all of our tests, we will give you a credit note for your future purchase or cash.

Large Trade Ins for Companies or Organizations
If you are from a company, education institution or other public community and the quantity is large enough, we may visit your site first. Once we agree, we can pick up the used computers at a scheduled date/time that?s convenient for you.

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