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Infotech Computers offers reliable Apple MacBook repair services. Our list of services consists of all Mac computer repairs ranging from Macbook battery replacement to logic board repair for Macs. Our services also involve repairs of all internal issues, including BIOS issues, charging port issues, and overheating issues.

We’re committed to ensuring that your Apple devices operate at their best. Hence, striving to make the repair process as smooth as possible. Plus, we maintain an in-house facility to offer you the fastest Mac repairs in Toronto.

  • Offering Mac repair services for the last two decades
  • Experienced and professional technicians
  • We cover everything from logic board issues to overheating issues
  • Macbook Air and Macbook Pro battery replacement
  • We try our best to keep repair costs and delivery time at a minimum
  • Customer-centric Apple Mac repair services

Infotech Computers charges a nominal diagnostic fee of $50. The diagnostic period is 24 hours. Once completed, we will inform you of the actual repair cost.  

    Fill out the form, and our representative will contact you within 24 hours.

    Apple Mac Repairs and Upgrades

    Apart from upgrading SSD storage, we also offer the following repairs and upgrades.

    • MacBook Liquid Damage / Water Damage:

    Water, when entered into a Macbook, can cause various kinds of issues that could lead to an abrupt hindrance in your productivity. Our technicians will take care of this issue and get your Macbook going.

    • Macbook Heating Issue:

    Using a Macbook for prolonged periods while charging can lead to overheating. Frequent overheating issues indicate malfunctioning in the cooling system. If you often face the issue, bring your Macbook to our experienced technicians and get the issue fixed. 

    • Macbook Trackpad Replacement:

    Trackpads often start to act up when the Macbook is nearing the end of life. If your Macbook trackpad is not also working properly or not working at all, we will gladly bring it to a new-like working condition.

    Watch our experts in action
    Upgrading SSD storage in a MacBook

    We’re Here to Cater to Your Mac Repairs in Toronto, GTA

    Our Apple Mac Repair Services Include

    We offer a number of Apple Mac repair services so you can get all your issues fixed under one roof. Whether it’s the slow speed that’s bothering you or some software glitches you can not seem to handle, we’re here to resolve all your Apple Mac repair issues. Our list of services include:
    • Macbook battery replacement
    • Logic Board repair for Macs (dead or malfunctioning)
    • Apple Mac screen repair and replacement 
    • Repairs and replacement of keyboard and trackpad
    • Mac speed optimization
    • Memory (RAM) repair, upgrade, and replacement
    • Hard disk repair, replacement, and upgrade
    • Apple Mac servicing
    • GPU or video graphics card repairs
    • Charging board repair or replacement
    • Mac OS upgrade or reinstallation
    • Overheating repairs
    • Data recovery and backup service

    We offer Apple Mac repair services on the following devices:

    • Apple Macbook Air repair services
    • Apple Macbook Pro repair services
    • iMac repair services
    • Mac Mini repair services

    We understand the importance of a trusted Apple Mac repair service. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in Apple Mac repairs, making us a one-stop shop for all your Mac repair issues. Contact us for Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac repairs in Toronto.

    Do you need help determining whether your issue falls under the above-mentioned categories? Contact our customer support team to help you assess the problem.  

    For Successful Mac Repairs, Contact at
    (416) 256-4365

    We’re Here to Cater to Your Mac Repairs in Toronto, GTA

    Infotech Computers has been known for providing reliable sales and computer and Mac repair services to its customers in the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade. Our catalog of services includes a vast and diverse range covering various Mac and PC needs of our customers. We provide Toronto with the best selection of used and off-lease Macbooks and iMacs.

    Our skilled computer technicians have expertise in PC and Mac repairs, data recovery, security analysis, custom builds, and much more. In addition, our technicians are also proficient in diagnosing and repairing different types of devices, including Apple products and Android devices.

    Mac Repair Services by Infotech Computers
    Infotech technician repairing Mac computer.

    Our team of professional technicians at Infotech Computers is dedicated to providing exceptional Mac computer repair services to our customers. We use only the highest quality products when making Macbook or laptop repairs and maintain the bar of professionalism while considering customer satisfaction.  

    We understand the importance of a well-functioning computer on both a personal and business level. Hence, we work diligently to provide successful solutions for every client. Infotech Computers is dedicated to providing exceptional services and products, including refurbished computers at affordable prices.

    Let Us Handle All Your MacBook and iMac Repairs in Toronto

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