Windows 12 Rumored Release Date, New Features And More

Windows 12 Rumored Release Date, New Features And More

Is Microsoft ready to further fragment its user base of 1.4 billion people with the new AI-powered Windows 12?

Windows currently has a massive user base of 1.4 billion users, which is already divided between Windows 10 and Windows 11. Only 400 million users have switched to Windows 11, leaving almost a billion people on the previous OS version of Windows, mainly Windows 10. A significant number of people from this user base cannot switch to Windows 11 or newer versions, mainly because of the system requirements.

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The Rumored Release Date of Windows 12

The first hint that Windows 12 might be coming sooner than expected was when people noticed a pattern in the Windows releases. Microsoft has been releasing major releases every 3 years since the release of Windows Vista. Windows 11 21H2 was launched in 2021, making 2024 the year of release for Windows 12.

Windows has not officially stated anything about the new Windows 12. However, everyone knows that something’s cooking. There are many credible leaks and rumors that strongly suggest Windows 12 in 2024, which will not only be more powerful than its predecessor, Windows 11, but will also have more advanced AI-powered features.

One thing is for sure: we will see some major updates in the Hudson Valley release in 2024, a rumored codename for Windows 12.

The New AI-Powered Windows

As per the rumors, Windows 12 will be packed with new and advanced AI-powered features. A new version of Windows Shell is expected that will be powered by an AI model. To complement this, we might see an “enhanced Copilot” that will work its magic in the background. According to the rumors, it’ll allow the user to control certain aspects of the hardware.

Moreover, the Copilot will also accelerate workflows by understanding the context better and predicting more tailored patterns.

The company is working on “revolutionary” features to include in their NLP models to make the search as smooth as it can get. The new search features will memorize the opened files and documents to allow easy access. Even if you have forgotten the name of the file, you will be able to find your document by searching “find the file John sent me on WhatsApp a few days ago.”

Windows 12 might also include Super Resolution: An AI model that uses a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to enhance the quality of the images and videos. According to the rumors, an improved Live Caption system is also being built. It will translate multiple languages in real-time, be it during a live audio or video meeting.

Windows 12 Other New Features

Along with artificial intelligence, Microsoft is also planning to offer something specifically to the creators. The talk of the town is Windows 12 will have a separate section for the creators. They will find all the related tools and Microsoft services to create content here.

Microsoft is also experimenting with the new desktop interface. According to sources, we might notice some taskbar options at the top of the screen, such as notifications and other elements in the Hudson Valley update. However, according to the sources, these ideas are still in the experimental phase, making them less likely to launch in 2024.

Will Windows 12 Work on a Subscription-Based Model?

Some hawk-eyed code watchers have caught words like “Subscription type,” “subscription status,” and “Subscription edition” from the corner of their eyes. These speculations clearly indicate that Microsoft will introduce a subscription for its operating system in the future. Another conjecture is that we might see a free ad-supported version of Windows 12.

However, another logical possibility is that it might just be for business users. Regardless, the subscription model will be an affronting decision and will outrage current OS users.

Final Words

Windows 12 or the Hudson Valley update would surely bring a lot of cool and new features for the users. However, the question still remains whether Microsoft will market it as a Windows 11 update or a new Windows 12.

Furthermore, Microsoft is not ready to further divide its user base. Doing so would further deviate Microsoft from its goal of bringing all users to one OS. Regardless of the branding decision, the sure thing is Microsoft is planning major releases and cool updates.


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