Video Card Repair in Toronto (GTA)

Video Graphics Card Repair

Whether you are encountering low frame rates, screen flickering, or other graphic glitches, you’ve come to the right place. At Infotech Computers, we offer a wide range of video card repair services, including comprehensive testing, video graphics card diagnostics, video card driver updates, GPU fan replacement, and much more. 

Our thorough diagnostic process allows us to identify problems accurately, helping us to offer you the most suitable solutions. Plus, At Infotech Computers, we also guide our customers with personalized consultation about the upgrading process. We also offer video card installation with a minimal fee of only $80.

The most common video card issue is overheating, causing a significant drop in performance. Hence, a proper cooling system is required to maintain the efficiency of the video card. You’re in luck; we also install custom cooling solutions to keep the video card at optimal temperature and deliver peak performance.

We understand your struggle and the importance of graphic card repair service. We have been offering repairs of video cards for desktop computers at Infotech Computers for the last two decades. With our efficient and transparent video card repair process, you can trust the quality of our repairs.

Infotech Computers charges a $50 diagnostic fee before quoting you the actual repair cost. The diagnostic period is 24 hours.

    Fill out the form, and our representative will contact you within 24 hours.

    You Need Video Card Repair If:

    These are some indications that you are facing video card issues. Get in touch with a professional to resolve these issues promptly so you can get back to enjoying your cat videos.

    • You see a blue screen during gaming sessions
    • You experience flickering or distorted graphics
    • You’re tired of dealing with unexpected reboots
    • All you see is a black screen
    • Your system (probably fans) is making weird noises
    • The system drivers crash frequently

    It’s Time For a New Video Card if:

    These signs mean that it’s time to invest in a new video card. 

    • You constantly experience lags, and your computer freezes while gaming
    • Your system is always sending alerts about overheating 
    • Your device is not starting up
    • Compatibility issues

    Looking for a reliable place to purchase a video card for desktop computers? At Infotech Computers, we offer the most affordable pricing for video cards. We also help you install a video graphics card for an installation fee of only $80. Plus, our trade in program also accepts video cards, offering you a significant relief when upgrading your video card for desktop computers. 

    At Infotech Computers, we charge a $50 diagnostic fee before quoting you the actual repair cost. The diagnosis is completed within 24 hours.

    Video Card Repairs in Toronto

    Why Choose Infotech Computers for Video Graphics Card Repairs in Toronto?

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    Our technicians understand how important a well-functioning video card can be on both a personal and professional level and work dedicatedly to provide a successful solution for each client. Infotech Computers provides affordable and reliable repair services and products, including refurbished computers.

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