Fixing a Liquid Damaged MacBook

Liquid Damaged MacBook: Rice Does Not Repair!

An accident can happen anytime, and the spill of liquid on your MacBook is the most horrible mishap to occur. Be it a spilt cup of coffee or a splash of water, these mishaps can destroy your MacBook.

It is a popular belief that placing a liquid damaged MacBook into a rice bowl can repair the device, which is not true. In this blog, we will discuss how rice does not work for a liquid damaged MacBook and, instead, what steps you should take if your MacBook comes across liquid damage before taking it to get checked from a computer store in Toronto.

The Rice Myth

It is a myth that putting electronic devices like MacBook into a bowl of uncooked rice can repair the liquid damage. The belief is that rice will soak up all the moisture and restore the device from damage. However, the fact is it is just a myth and a misconception.

Why Does Rice Not Repair Electronic Devices?

When liquid spills on your device, quickly fix the damage rather than wait for the rice to soak up all moisture in 24 hours or longer. Because the longer the liquid stays in the device, the higher the chances of major damage. Also, it only absorbs the liquid visible on the external part; it cannot absorb internal moisture, which causes the MacBook to stop working.

Instead of soaking your MacBook in rice, follow the below steps to save your liquid-spilled device from permanent damage.

Power off Immediately

If the liquid has spit on your MacBook while you were using it, turn it off immediately. This should be your first and most hurried step.

Don’t waste time by saving your documents; don’t even click on the Apple menu to shut down like we usually do. Press the power button for five seconds until your MacBook powers off, and then release the button. To save your device from potential damage, try to shut down the MacBook as soon as possible.

Close the lid to activate the sleep sensor. The MacBook will cut off the power to the CPU, screen, SSD drive, RAM and most of the supporting circuits in about one minute. Now, you have successfully stopped the MacBook from further damage.

Unplugged the Charger from the Device

If your MacBook is charging when the liquid spills on it, immediately disconnect it from the power outlet and unplug the charger. Because liquid interacts with electricity, it causes a risk of short circuits. Disconnect the charger to stop the electricity flow through the MacBook’s wet components. It will save your device from major damage.

Remove External Components

Disconnect all external devices from the MacBook, such as USB and external hard drives, to prevent further harm to these components. Doing this will save your data, and these devices will remain operational.

Stop Liquid to Reach On Logic Board

As soon as liquid spills on the screen of your MacBook, use tissue paper or your hand to push the liquid away from the logic board vent holes. The vent holes are in the gap between the keyboard and the screen. These holes transfer heat from the logic board to the open air.

Do not tilt or move the device from its place, as it will give liquid the space to move to the logic board, which is the most important component of the MacBook. Absorb all the water with the help of tissue paper before moving your device to a dry place.

If you move the MacBook before absorbing the liquid, it will enter into the vent hole and then instantly to the logic board, resulting in permanent damage to the MacBook. It is crucial to protect the logic board to protect the components of the device.

Absorb the Moisture from the Surface

Now absorb all the moisture from the surface of the MacBook. Use tissue paper or cotton fabric to absorb the liquid from your keyboard, trackpad, and touch bar. Do not use hard fabric; instead, use microfiber to prevent scratches.

If you think liquid has dripped on the vent hole, USB port, charging port, and thunderbolt port, use cotton swabs to absorb it. Place a soft fabric under the MacBook to absorb the remaining liquid, but do not turn over the device to clean the bottom. Be sure you don’t accidentally press the power button.

If, at this stage, you become successful in draining water off the device, but your battery starts acting up while charging, you can learn why your MacBook battery is not charging to fix the issue.

Turn on the MacBook

You should only use your MacBook again when you are sure there is no water reaching the logic board and the rest of the liquid inside and outside the MacBook is dry. Without inspection and getting proper services, turning on a water-damaged MacBook that has been dried is always a gamble.

Even if your MacBook is functioning properly after drying out, your device may face new issues in the future. One of the common problems with liquid damaged MacBook is that even after the components have dried out, they can continue to corrode and rust. To ensure that you do not face any future problems, it is necessary to seek professional services from a reliable and authentic computer shop in Toronto.

Seek Apple Mac Repair Service

After giving your MacBook all the important first aid, it is recommended to take your Mac to a reputable Apple Mac repair service provider to get it checked. The professional technicians will clean and dry the components such as logic board, keyboard, touchpad, screen, battery and hard drive by using the ultrasonic cleaner.

Professional Apple Mac service providers read the logic board schematics to identify any malfunction due to a spill of liquid and professionally remove and replace the damaged components.


In conclusion, taking quick and efficient steps to protect your device from permanent damage is important. Instead of placing your liquid damaged MacBook into a container of rice, it’s best to power off the device immediately and disconnect the charger and any external components. These actions help to prevent further damage and safeguard your device’s crucial internal components.

Furthermore, it is best to seek professional services to check your MacBook after the liquid spills over it. This will help your device to work in the long run. Infotech Computers has got you covered for all your Mac repair needs in Toronto. Our expert technicians are here to provide your MacBook with all the required repair and replacement services.

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