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Reliable PC Repair Services in Toronto and Across Canada

Infotech Computers offers computer repair services, including hardware, software, servicing, and replacement of parts. We’ve repaired different types of computer hardware – for both Apple and PC – which means we’ve seen it all and tackled every computer issue. We’ve also serviced every possible software and virus issue, making Infotech your number-one choice for computer repairs in Toronto.

Our computer repair services also include repairing all internal issues, from overheating to motherboard issues. The list doesn’t stop here. Our external repair services consist of screen repairs and body repairing

Infotech Computers has dominated the computer repair industry in Toronto for more than 20 years. Due to our own maintained facility, we offer reduced computer repair cost and delivery time. Hence contributing to our mission to offer reliable computer repair services and optimal customer satisfaction.

Not in Toronto? Infotech handles computer repair issues all across Canada. We also have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to handle Mac repairs.

Infotech Computers charges a $50 diagnostic fee before the technician can quote you the actual repair cost. The diagnosis is completed within 24 hours.

    Fill out the form, and our representative will contact you within 24 hours.

    We Also Offer Video Card Repair Services

    Infotech Computers is a name that stands out above the rest when it comes to video card repairing in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We have established ourselves as the go-to source for all repair needs because of our significant experience and skill.

    We have highly qualified specialists experienced in identifying and resolving the problems. Plus, we are committed to offering top-notch repair services to offer you a vibrant display that meets all your business and personal requirements. Our track record of successful repairs and delighted clients speaks for itself.

    Visit Infotech Computers for dependable and effective video card repairs in Toronto and the GTA.

    Why Choose Infotech Computers for Computer Repairs in Toronto?

    What Experts in Computer Repair in North York Can Handle for You?

    No need to search ‘Where to find a computer repair shop near me?’. Just drop by our store to get the following issues resolved.
    • Overheating
    • Power Supply Unit (PSU) issues, e.g., short circuit
    • Video card repairs or upgrades
    • Water damage
    • Computer screen repair
    • BIOS and all internal issues
    • Hard drive replacement
    • Solid State Drive replacement
    • Motherboard repairs or upgrades
    • Configuration management
    • Virus/Malware/Spyware cleanup and protection
    • Data loss recovery
    • Installation of software and updates
    • Keyboard/mouse replacement
    • OS installation, upgrade, or management
    • Wireless security solutions
    • Processor upgrade
    • RAM upgrade or replacement
    • Optical drive upgrade

    A $50 diagnostic fee is charged based on your description. A diagnosis period is 24 hours. Our technician will inform you about the issue and the repair cost in this period.

    We are Prepared for Every Computer Brand

    Our team of expert technicians can handle the repairs of almost every computer brand. The following list includes some of the common brands we repair.
    • HP computer repair
    • Dell computer repair
    • Lenovo computer repairs
    • Acer computer repairs
    • Asus computer repairs 
    • Other computer brands

    Infotech Computers also offers computer trade in Canada if you are done with your current computer and looking to upgrade it. The best part is that you can also use the program to trade in your used computers and get either a new or refurbished computer. 

    Do you need help determining whether your issue falls under the above-mentioned categories? Contact our customer support team to help you assess the problem.  

    Reach us for Toronto Computer Repair at (416) 256-4365

    We’re Here to Cater Your Computer Repairs in Toronto, GTA


    Infotech Computers has been providing reliable computer sales and repair services to its clientele in the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade. We offer our customers a wide range of products and services to cover the diverse computer needs of our clients. We pride ourselves in providing Toronto with the best selection of used and off-lease computer equipment.

    The expertise of our skilled computer technicians includes laptop and PC repair, custom builds, security analysis and repair, and data recovery. Our technicians are also proficient at diagnosing and repairing different types of devices, including Apple Mac products and Android devices.

    The Infotech Advantage

    The professionals at Infotech Computers are dedicated to providing exceptional computer services to our clientele. We use only the highest quality products when making computer or laptop repairs and maintain high professionalism while ensuring customer satisfaction.  

    Our technicians understand how important a well-functioning computer can be on both a personal and business level and work diligently to provide a successful solution for each client. Infotech Computers provides exceptional computer-related services and products, including refurbished computers at competitive prices.

    Let Us Handle All Your Computer Repairs in Toronto

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