WWDC 2024: Is Apple working on Siri 2.0?

WWDC 2024: Is Apple working on Siri 2.0?

Apple is deepening its roots in the world of AI by investing mind-blowing amounts in Machine Learning and Generative AI, most likely for Siri 2.0.

The world of AI is growing exponentially. Every tech brand is trying to take a bite from the USD 454.12 billion (2022) sweet pie. After brands like OpenAI, Google, and Bing launched their efficient LLMs, Apple is now planning to establish its roots to become the new benchmark. 

But the question is, will we see Siri 2.0 in the WWDC 2024?

Worldwide Developer Conference is an event organized by Apple Inc., where it invites all developers and enthusiasts for product launches. The 2024 edition might unveil a lot of new features. 

Where is Apple Most Focused?

Apple has reportedly increased its spending on generative AI for Siri. According to the Information, Apple is focusing on the following three key targets. 

  • Building its own Large Language Model (LLM) called ‘Ajax’. According to reports, it has been trained on over 200 billion parameters, making it much more efficient than GPT 3.5 when it was initially released. Apple is presumably investing millions in Ajax a day. 
  • Apple is also focusing on image intelligence to increase the efficiency of image and video creation. It might also introduce the creation of 3D models and designs. 
  • Another app is in the building process that will work on multimodal AI and handle video, images, and text. It is expected to include text scanning from images and videos. 

What New Features We Might See in Siri 2.0?

Many critics were criticizing Apple for its sluggish adoption of AI technologies. Hence, it’s planning to make some major improvements to leave the whole fanbase in total awe. It is on the fast track to the following improvements. 

  • Expand Siri’s capabilities for more complex tasks such as reading texts from images, image recognition, and scene generation. 
  • Introduce more helpful assistant features.
  • Enhance the conversational abilities to provide more accurate information. 
  • Add the option to create shortcuts using voice commands. This could be a groundbreaking feature. 

It’s a fact that ChatGPT caught people off guard and made its fan base in a record time. Apple seemed out of the race when the chatbot was released. But now, they are on a fast pace to establish their name in the AI industry, too. These features are expected to be seen in the iOS 18 update. According to the reports, the 16-member team of engineers is working to build the foundation level, which will be utilized for multiple other features. 

The Road Blocks

Apple will surely face a lot of roadblocks in the path of achieving success with AI. The most prominent one is customer privacy. Apple is known to offer unparalleled privacy to its customers. However, working with LLMs and generative AI might compromise it. This is because whichever device the model is deployed on will use the existing information and data on that device. Plus, it will be challenging to restrict the model to output the same results once it has been trained on the user’s data. 

The second problem it will face is its commitment to environmental work. Even the current Apple LLM is massive and can carry out most of the tasks quite effectively. However, increasing the domain of that model will take energy and water consumption to new heights. 

The Unanswered Questions

People and tech enthusiasts are waiting to see how Apple will overcome the challenge of maintaining customer privacy while also intelligently using the data for generative AI. Many people are pondering over the question of whether it is even possible to create such models that run solely on the device’s data without compromising privacy.

The second question that everyone wants the answer to is when they will be able to experience all of these cool features. Will it be in the WWDC 2024? Will it be in iOS 18? Or will it be in Siri 2.0?

To Sum Up

Apple is investing millions of dollars daily to touch the AI industry’s heights. It is developing new features at a record pace. This suggests that the planning is done to launch these features in WWDC 2024 with Siri 2.0. 

With the new AI features, it would not be wrong to name it Siri 2.0, as the integration of AI and LLMs would totally revolutionize it. 

One thing is for sure: with these exciting new features, the prices of Apple products, including Mac, will skyrocket. If you are planning to switch to a Macbook and create shortcuts with voice commands, go for a laptop trade in Canada. This is the most economical way to acquire a Macbook, as you will replace your current laptop with a Macbook.



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