Refurbished Desktop Computers with great discounts.

Infotech Computers offers a wide range of high-quality refurbished desktop computers for customers in Toronto GTA and across Canada. Not only will you be getting the most affordable price, but you can also rest assured that the quality will be guaranteed by Infotech Computers.

Our trained technicians perform thorough inspection and testing before listing an item for selling purposes, thanks to our computer trade-in program. We ensure that every issue or defect is removed or resolved before selling it again, offering you a system free from any hardware issues. We offer our customers the lowest rates without compromising on quality or speed, saving you from spending more than required.

We also offer mac repairs in Toronto if you plan to repair your iMac and continue building an Apple ecosystem in your workspace. Our Apple Mac repair services include Apple Mac servicing, logic board repairs for Mac, macbook battery replacement, and much more. We understand the importance of reliable Mac repair in Toronto. Hence, we are recognized for reliable and fast Mac repairs.

What's the Difference Between Old and Refurbished Computers?

Although both old and refurbished computers are pre-owned computers, there are some major differences between the two categories.

Firstly, many refurbished desktop computers come with a warranty or some guarantee from the refurbisher or the manufacturer. However, used laptops are sold without any coverage of this kind.

Secondly, refurbished computers are tested and certified before selling again. On the other hand, used computers may not have undergone any testing and may have some defects that the previous user might not be aware of.

Lastly, with a refurbished computer, you get updated firmware and software, unlike a used computer that may have outdated drivers and software. We ensure that we update the firmware and all the software before looking for a new owner for the computer.

Refurbished computers seem a clear choice between the two. You get a tested, certified, and updated system with a warranty or guarantee. Whereas with the first option, you are on your own, without any sort of coverage.

Why spend so much on your desktop tower when you can get your hands on refurbished desktop computers at great prices? It is time to build your dream computer setup without spending all your savings.

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